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Many programs, especially family planning and reproductive health programs, have been carried out to improve the health of people throughout the world. The International Family Planning Leadership Program is a six-year program with funding support from The David and Lucile Packard Foundation and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. It is designed to expand upon previous programs by identifying existing leaders in family planning and reproductive health in Ethiopia, India, Myanmar, Nigeria, Pakistan, the Philippines, and Sudan, and assisting them in increasing their leadership skills and capacity. By the end of this six-year program there will be a minimum of 30 highly trained and skilled leaders in each of these seven countries who are connected with other leaders within their respective countries and with similar leaders in the other six countries. In addition to this program, there will be a Spanish language leadership program for the countries of El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Southern Mexico. There will be an additional 30 highly trained and skilled leaders in each of these five countries who are connected with other leaders within their respective countries and with similar leaders in other countries.

Packard-Gates Fellows:

These carefully selected leaders are invited to become Packard-Gates Fellows and will participate in a variety of activities for a full year. The Fellowship begins with a month-long intensive training program in the United States and continues throughout the balance of the year through computer networking. Fellows have opportunities to continue dialogue with other leaders through the Internet and will participate in selected distance learning programs.

The training program in the U.S. has three main focuses:

  1. Enhancement of leadership skills. The IFPLP covers different aspects and levels of leadership, including visionary leadership, collaboration, political dimensions, and gender and multicultural aspects of leadership. Fellows begin to develop Individual and Country Team Strategic Initiative Plans during the training.
  2. Family planning policy, program, and services. The IFPLP helps Fellows apply leadership capacity and skills to family planning and reproductive health policy issues, program implementation, and evaluation. Fellows continue to develop their Individual and Country-Team Initiative Plans.
  3. Reproductive health and service delivery. This training program includes opportunities to learn directly from leaders of other programs in the United States while sharing the latest technologies in family planning and reproductive health. There will be an emphasis on the latest in contraceptive technology and the application of research to leadership.

Major training collaborators include:

Dr. Felicia Stewart (UCSF Center for Reproductive Health Research and Policy)
Ms. Margo Murray (The Managers' Mentors, Inc.)
Dr. Malcolm Potts (UCB School of Public Health)
Dr. Carole Leland (Independent Consultant)

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